Seminarkurs: "Transforming our world!"

Joachim LangerJoachim Langer

Sustainability is a growing concern for many individuals and companies as resources are becoming increasingly limited, hazardous, and expensive. Over the last few years, more people have been informed about alternatives for a more sustainable life, as they have a desire to e.g. purchase more sustainable products from companies. Since the idea of sustainability is so broad, everyone can contribute in many different ways. Whether individuals and companies are giving back for personal or self-regarding reasons is not so important, what matters is that it is still helping to give back to the environment and provide a more sustainable future.

In this regard, a “Common Good Economy” (Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie) education consultant and speaker visited the “Transforming our World Seminar” course on October 19th 2021. His name is Mr. Joachim Langer and he provided insights into an approach for a sustainable economic and social system, which is called “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (GWÖ)”. This ethical economic model is an international movement founded by Christian Felber.

Mr. Joachim Langer’s visit started with a presentation of the GWÖ in connection to the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) of the UN. He emphasized that this organization aims to establish an ethical, ecologically sustainable, and socially just economic order. The core tool of the GWÖ-model is the “Gemeinwohlbilanz” making a company's contribution to the common good visible and measurable. The holistic corporate view of the common good balance sheet corresponds to the interdependent character of the SDG’s, which our seminar course revolves around. The GWÖ depicts to which extent companies contribute to the common good practices, but it is important to mention that it is not a ready-made solution for a better world economy. It is a participatory, open-ended, locally growing process with a global impact, whose contents are developed and disseminated by as many people as possible. After the presentation we split into groups of two and familiarised ourselves with one SDG and its promotional practises for the GWÖ. Each group presented their results to the class and the day ended with an engaged discussion among the students and Mr. Langer.

We learned that the world is not on the right way to become sustainable, and a lot needs to be changed to have everybody live a sustainable life on an earth which is healthy and worthwhile. It will take a lot of courage and dedication to change the world for the better. Nevertheless, there is hope, no matter how difficult or merely impossible it may sound to make the proper changes to save our world.

So, when it comes to sustaining our health and life on this planet, we definitely have to find a solution to keep our food healthy and our environment clean.

Written by Jamil Junker Khan