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SchülerDie Schüler*innen beim Webinar mit Herrn Acosta aus Mexiko

BMC Workshop - BEAM learns about the Business Model Canvas

The BEAM Seminar-group has already had their second workshop since school started in the middle of September. In a two-and-a-half-hour session, the Seminar-group learned new methods to analyse and get perspective on their own projects. This time, the workshop took place in school – at least for the students. The workshop organiser Reynaldo Acosta works for SAP in Latin America as a Finance Consultant and an Innovation Professional and is based in Mexico, so he joined the workshop via a Teams videocall.

Mr. Acosta introduced the group to the Business Model Canvas that was created by Alexander Osterwalder, a Swiss business theorist and entrepreneur. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template that helps the development of new business models and documents existing ones. The BMC is used by many companies as a strategic guide for developing their product.

During his presentation, Reynaldo Acosta explained how the BMC works and went into detail about the nine integral segments of the Business Model Canvas template: Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments, Cost Structure and Revenue Streams. In his engaging talk, Mr. Acosta used practical examples to illustrate how the BMC can help analyse business ideas, challenging the students to look at real firms like Google, Netflix or Apple and see how the BMC for these companies could look like.  After the lecture it was time for the students to apply their newly found knowledge to their own projects. In groups, the students discussed and cooperated to fill in their own BMC template. After a 30-minute group working session, the class presented their results. After the presentations, Mr. Acosta helped each group by amending their template and challenging them to think of new ways to improve their projects and make them unique.

The BEAM group would like to thank Mr. Acosta for his effort and dedication.

Lisa Volles, K1 Seminar-group