MUN Mauritshuis

MUN Peace Palace

"REVMUN 2018"

We, the MUN -Seminarkurs went to the Netherlands from Wednesday (14.11.18) to Sunday (18.11.18) in order to participate at the Model United Nations – conference ‘REVMUN’ with the topic ‘Global Citizen - it Starts with us’ in Utrecht. We are a very versatile but still harmonizing group which made traveling together very easy for us. A great company were the teachers Mr. Ruhstorfer and Ms. Hassard who guided us confidently through the journey. With this group of people, not even the German trains and their delays could take away our great anticipation. After the arrival at the center Utrecht we took a short walk through the town. This walk revealed a beautiful, picturesque Dutch city. In addition, the hostel where we stayed at provided a perfect environment to start into the conference of three days.

But in MUN we do not only concentrate on the conferences, even though these are the most important part of it, but also try to be aware of the locations where we travel for these conferences. Therefor we also went to Den Haag one day before the conference started. In this city, which is located about an hour away from Utrecht, we visited the Peace Palace, which is also called the temple of peace and justice. It was primarily built to house the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), but the International Court of Justice as well as the Hague Academy of International Law and the Peace Palace Library can be found there. Consequently, the Peace Palace plays a significant role in contributing to reaching the goal of a more peaceful world.

As we were already in Den Haag, we couldn’t miss the chance of visiting the Mauritshuis, which is an art museum housing the Royal Cabinet of Paintings. Most of the displayed artworks are from the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). One of the most famous paintings shown is the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. Another famous artist is Rembrandt van Rijn, whose paintings are also partly displayed in the Mauritshuis. A tour of the museum helped us to improve our understanding of various artworks and the used techniques. Therefor mun does not only improve our debating skills, but also adds cultural understanding.

After two days of debating, the three committees of the General Assembly were combined and were debating about Resolutions each committee made. Not only the conference itself bound all delegates together. On Friday night there was a Casino night where all participants played against each other no matter how good they were.

Therefore, Revmun was a great and valuable experience. Nevertheless, the most important fact is that the Seminarkurs offers a lot of opportunities to elaborate some background-information on the one hand and to evaluate different pros and cons about a specific topic. This makes it more interesting and even better to estimate the latest developments of social, political and economic concerns.

Amelie Braun Wittig, Antonia Trager, Armin Bina (K1)