Unterricht auf Englisch - Werkstatt

In the Workshop grades 3 and 4: Puzzles

In grades 3 and 4 we worked on some great projects in the workshop. One of these was a wooden puzzle of Great Britain and Ireland. First the children sawed out each country from the solid wooden panels.

Then they glued the wooden panels in place. After that they painted each piece in a different colour to distinguish the borders of each country. Finally they filled in the capitol cities and towns of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Time: The children also did a project on  „Time“ in the workshop.
Reflective questions sparked interesting and lively discussions;  How can we measure time ? What is time ? When does time pass quickly/slowly ? The children used various devices to measure time; a stopwatch, a clock, a digital watch, a wrist watch, a pocket watch, an oven timer, and an egg timer. Finally, each child built their own wooden hourglass. They filled each one carefully with sand and painted them with colourful patterns.